Additional Cover for peace of mind
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Additional Cover for peace of mind!

We understand that renting a car can sometimes be a hassle, especially when it comes to knowing the extent of the insurance coverage on the vehicle and what you are covered for.
At Avis, we try harder to make everything about car rental as simple and transparent as possible. That means no jargon and no hidden extras.
This guide will give you an easy-to-understand description of the options and benefits of additional protection.    
* Please note that these coverage options/terms do not apply to the Lebanon "Avis Prestige Vehicles". 
For more information on the Avis Prestige coverage, please click here
What coverage is included in your quoted price?
When booking with Avis, the quoted price automatically includes a basic level of cover should you be involved in an accident.
Avis also proposes a selection of additional covers, from Complete Protection of the driver and passengers to covering vehicle protection only. You can read more about the different levels of coverage below:
*The additional cover is an optional extra which will be charged as a supplement to your basic quoted price.
If you'd like to add our Complete Protection Package or any of the cover options listed below, please refer to the rental desk at the time of your vehicle collection.
How much should I pay in case of accident or theft if I do not purchase the additional coverage?
- In case of accidents, below fees are due on:
•    Small vehicles Car group (O,A,B,C,D ): $500 
•    Medium Vehicles Car Group (E,F,G): $800 
•    Large & premium Vehicles Car Group (K,H,I,J,L): $1000
•    Luxury Car Group (M,N,R,P): $2000
- In case of Vehicle theft, below fees are due on:
•    Small vehicles car group (O,A,B,C,D ): Between $1600 and $2500.
•    Medium Vehicles Car Group (E,F,G): Between $3400 and $4800.
•    Large & premium Vehicles Car Group (H,I,J,L):Between $5400 and $4900.
•    Luxury Car Group (K,P ,M, N, R,): Between $7600 and $23000.
Complete Protection Package 
Our Complete Protection Package covers you "the driver", the passengers and damage to the vehicle. It is our most comprehensive and carefree cover.
What does the Complete Protection Package cover?
• Excess Reduction – Excess reduced to USD 0.00 on accident (Subject to third party involvement and the presentation of a legal expert report)
• Windscreen Cover - zero excess on windscreen damage
• Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) - covering personal accident costs up to USD 5,000 per person, medical expenses of up to USD 1,000 per person and coverage of personal effects for up to USD 1,000
• Super Theft Protection (STP), Zero Deductible on car theft
• Roadside Safety Net (RSN) - protection on recovery assistance costs for flat tires and batteries, lockout service and fuel delivery if you run out during your journey
. Third party insurance     
- Super Collision Damage Waiver due fees for:
o small vehicles car group     (O ,A,B,C,D ): $8
o Medium Vehicles Car Group (E,F,G): $11
o Large Vehicles Car Group (H,I,J,K,L): $15
o Luxury Car Group (M,N,R,P): $15
- Super Theft Protection:
o small vehicles car group     (O, A,B,C,D ): $5
o Medium Vehicles Car Group (E,F,G): $9
o Large Vehicles Car Group (H,I,J,L,P,k): $15
o Luxury Car Group (M,N,R,P): $15
- Personal Accident Insurance:
o small vehicles car group     (O,A,B,C,D ): $5
o Medium Vehicles Car Group (E,F,G): $5
o Large Vehicles Car Group (k.H,I,J,L): $5
o Luxury Car Group (M,N,R,P): $5