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The City of three kings!
If there was a city that could tell it all when it comes to Lebanese history, Tripoli would be it! 
This multi-faceted metropolis has a variety of hidden cultural wealth that you cannot imagine where to start from. Pass by the Mina (Port), savor a traditional Sesame Kaa’keh and watch craftsmen at the vibrantly colored Old Souk. You can also visit the Crusader Citadel of St. Gilles, take a stroll through the narrow alleys of architectural greatness in the Old Souk and spoil your senses with the aroma of the freshly-made soap and olive oil products at the famous Khan El Saboun (Soap Makers’ Courtyard), Khan El Khayyatin (Tailors’ Courtyard) and visit the city’s vibrant Mina (Seaport) that is all about the people and the way of life of the citizens.

Address: Alcadel Center- Kalamoun District

Tel/Fax: 06 400 481/2/3/4