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Long Term Business Car Rental

Innovative, tailored buisness mobility solutions

Whether you are looking for long-term car rental or a flexible alternative to ownership, Avis lease program offers you a convenient and inexpensive way to get on the road where you can choose your car make & model and we buy them as per your requirements and deliver your brand new vehicles - with no down payment required and flexible return possibilities.

The minimum lease period required is 12 months, which gives you the ability to focus on your core business and let us manage the hassle of maintenance, administrative formalities, insurance claims, tax payments, etc.
In addition, you will also benefit from our economy of scale on the car’s purchase price since AVIS Lebanon is the largest car buyer on the Lebanese market and make extensive savings on maintenance.

Our Fleet management options are there to give you the peace of mind you deserve as we offer you a comprehensive service package that includes all the following features:

•   3000 free kilometers a month
•   Free Delivery and Collection Service
•   No maintenance bills
•   Monthly billing
•   No hidden extras
•   No minimum commitment
•   Free 24-hour Roadside Assistance
•   New vehicles
•   Fixed monthly expenditure
•   Free registration and insurance
•   Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
•   No finance costs and no hidden costs
•   Buyback option after the lease term has ended
•   Savings on maintenance
•   Accident and insurance management   
•   We manage vehicles throughout Lebanon with maintenance centers in Beirut, Tripoli, Tyr, and the Bekaa valley.

For more information, please contact us on reslan.atallah@avislebanon.com Tel. 01 762 640 


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