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Are you ready to explore the gems of Beirut? Famous for being destroyed seven times, the Lebanese capital is the largest city in the country and one of the oldest in the world. Beroe will grasp your heart!
Feast your eyes with the beauty of the Mediterranean, its people, and the welcoming vibes of the site itself. The mesmerizing view of the sea, will give you a moment to indulge in the magnificence of “The Pigeon Rock” or the Rock of Raoucheh” standing in the middle of the water overlooking the horizon and standing watch over the fishermen at sea! The area’s oldest evidence of human existence stands fast! Take a stroll towards the historical Martyrs’ Square on the main street, face the magnificent cultural masterpiece of “Mohammad El Amine Mosque”. Check out Downtown Beirut housing the fanciest of brands while preserving the ancient underground landmarks of history like the Roman-Bath House and the Souks.


Achrafieh Street

Facing Spinneys, Saab Building
Tel: 01 762 621/2
Fax: 01 611 125

Beirut International Airport (opens 24 hours 7/7 days)
Tel: 01 762 624
Fax: 01 629 890

Down Town Solidere
Kantari- Army Street

Tel:01 762 616/7
Fax:01 370 129

Down Town Ain El Mreisseh
Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel

Tel: 01 762 626/7
Fax: 01 363 851