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Flex Lease

Flex Lease

Most flexible Leasing Plan

Flex Lease Overview:

AVIS Flex Lease is a fully customized solution that caters to your industry and business requirements.

•  AVIS Flex leasing plans conditions:

•  From 3 months up-to 1 year, renewable

•  Cross Over 4x4, compact cars with Hybrid option

•  Optional Chauffeur services

•  Global Bookings

•  Monthly payments

•  Tracking Systems (GPS and Reporting)

Why Flex Lease:

AVIS Flex Lease Plan is all about choosing:

•  Financial Flexibility: enabling you to conserve your capital and maintain cash flow

•  Advantageous Conditions: Fixed monthly expenditures, inclusive registration and insurance cost and inclusive of maintenance cost

•  New well-maintained Fleet: Latest vehicle models with several options on size, car make and hybrid

•  Maintenance & Support: comprehensive timely maintenance and 24/7 support services, including immediate replacement cars

•  Compliance & Risk Management: we handle all the hassle of fleet management, allowing you to focus on your core business

•  Drivers on Demand: Qualified, Trained and Road-Safety focused

•  Travel Easy services: In case of travel AVIS offers a free of charge assigned parking at Beirut

•  Rafic Hariri International Airport and supports with international driving license

•  Redeem International Airmiles

Click here to download Flex Lease info sheet or contact us at sales@avis.com.lb

Flex Lease