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Business Rentals

Business Rentals

Need a Business Car Rental? If you are renting for business, Avis has a wide range of products and services to accommodate all your rental needs. Choose the service that better suits your needs by registering and booking online, or contact our dedicated team for any assistance you may require. Choose the award winning Business Car Rental Company who can deliver the right business rental package for you.

Searching for a Business Car Rental? Avis offers you a wide range of products and services to accommodate all your business rental needs. Register and book your rental online or contact us for any inquiries. Avis is an award-winning Business Car Rental Company able to deliver the right business rental package for you. Check out our packages below:

•   Small and Medium Enterprises
Take advantage of dedicated tailor-made low business rates and flexible solutions for longer car rentals and van hire that fit the needs of small to medium businesses.
•   Corporate Programs
Learn more about our corporate accounts solution built around your company's specific requirements and travel policies.
•   Travel Management Companies
Get in touch with our dedicated Account Management teams and benefit from preferential rates and terms to Travel Management Companies.
•   Avis Flex
Discover Avis Flex, our fully flexible 28 days + rental service tailored for businesses and enjoy fixed daily rental prices for a minimum rental period of 28 days.
•   Avis Lease & Fleet Management
Avis' long term leasing plan has been developed to cater to the demands of corporate clientele enabling customers to choose the very best option for the vehicle of their choice. 
We have deployed a long term leasing plan to cater to the demands of both individual and corporate clientele enabling you to choose the very best option and the vehicle of your choice. 
Distinct advantages include:
• New vehicles
• Fixed monthly expenditures
• Free registration and insurance
• Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
• No finance costs or hidden costs
• Buyback option available after the lease term has ended
•   Chauffeur Drive Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
Whether you're looking to use it for individual transfers or special occasions, Avis provides you with a diverse range of economy and luxury vehicles with chauffeur services that meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our team of friendly and well-trained drivers is here to ensure passenger satisfaction.
•   Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
Avis works successfully with many leading Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Therefore, our partners recognize the importance of selecting a reputable car hire provider to form a crucial partnership and get the most out of the benefits package for their customers.

A Hyundai i40 Station Wagon, one of the options for Avis long-term car hire