Fuel Options

We have taken the hassle out of refuelling, offering three simple ways to refuel your vehicle.

Choose from one of the below options which best suits you.

Options Explained

Fuel Prepaid
For added convenience; purchase a full tank of fuel at a discounted rate ahead of your journey, saving you the need to refuel at return.

Fuel Pay On Return
If you don't take Fuel Up Front, but find you haven't got time to refuel, then we can do it for you with Pay On Return.

Fuel Bring Back Full
No charge - even if you took the Fuel Up Front or EZ Fuel option when you picked up your car.  


How to arrange your preferred fuel option
When you pick up your vehicle from an Avis location, the Rental Sales Agent will explain the options to you and arrange the option which best suits your requirements.


Fuel Prepaid- Fuel charged at a discounted rate, based on local area prices. (No refund given for any unused fuel).

Fuel Pay On Return - Price includes both the cost of the fuel and a re-fuelling service surcharge, but you will only pay for the litres of fuel you use. (Check with a member of staff when collecting your Avis hire car to confirm what the charges will be).
Bring Back Full - No charge will apply.

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