Our Values


Truly International

Our truly international network is a clear strength in relation to our competitors.

We are everywhere in the world our customers want us to be. We are an internationally-minded business that understands differences in local cultures and business needs. This internationalism is real and has depth: our customers can rely on us...regardless of the country they're in and whether they're on-airport or downtown.

Pioneering Spirit

Pioneers are people who challenge the way things are. At Avis, we know that good enough is not good enough. We never take any customer’s business for granted and we look to secure their loyalty by exceeding their expectations at every level of the rental process.

Hence, our philosophy and motto is precisely as it always has been – ‘We Try Harder’. To fulfill our aim of always increasing customer satisfaction, we are constantly looking to improve our products and services ahead of the competition. This is the pioneering spirit of Avis.

Making it Easy

Customers want the car rental process to be easy, convenient and transparent. With all the other pressures involved in traveling we understand that our customers want the car rental process to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we offer products and services that help people embark on a quick and effortless journey. This enables us to clearly differentiate ourselves from the competition.

In Touch

As a company we treat people as individuals, recognizing the value of both employees and customers. By being in-touch, we can understand how best to serve all of our customers, wherever they are and whatever their needs. In-touch also means that Avis keeps up-to-date with new technologies and trends, so that we can continuously improve our levels of customer service. That’s why quality comes first along with the interests of our customers. We will be dedicated to providing an individualized rental experience that assures customer satisfaction and earns the unwavering loyalty of our customers. The “We Try Harder®” philosophy will surely underlie everything we do and shines through in our service to customers.


‘Passionate’ is a word which communicates the genuine nature of people who work for Avis, and the enthusiasm and drive they have for getting the job done better than anyone else. This is all about going the extra mile and delivering service from the heart because you want to, rather than through dutiful obedience. We expect our people to be as committed to Avis as they would be to their own business. Avis people want to be the best and are happy to work at pace to achieve this. However, none of our goals will be achievable without an efficient and “Passionate” teamwork. We will work as one cohesive entity from the smallest unit to the organization as a whole. We will develop and retain leaders who continually raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers, and empower people to successfully reach ends. Maintaining a caring and supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources will also be a priority.


Being straightforward applies whether describing ourselves or our products and services. It encapsulates how we should behave and the way we should do business.

The process of renting with Avis will be simple, fair and transparent, and our people will get on quickly with the job. Neither Avis nor our employees will mislead customers. They can trust Avis people to be open and honest. We won’t over-promise and we will always deliver on any promise that we make. Being straightforward is also showing integrity: We will honor all commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders.

We will conduct business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior. Finally, we will communicate openly and frequently, sharing what we know, when we know it.

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